Thursday, November 20, 2008

Me and Debbie, Debbie and Me

My husband said to me the other day something along the lines of, "You're so pessimistic." And while many may view this as quite a mean comment, I have to say, it's true. I can be very negative. Many people wouldn't know this about me; I don't show my dark side to everyone. But now, with this blog, I'm totally outing myself. Now the whole world will know.

When my husband made the above comment, I had just finished telling him how we would probably never have the time or the funds to go on a vacation this year or even next. I know what you're thinking. "Why isn't he jumping to go on vacation with a person who makes statements like that? I know I would be thrilled!" Yes, it's only in hindsight that I realize how unattractive comments like these are.

In all fairness, I come off as a pessimist when really I'm just being a realist. Even my husband will admit that I have way more common sense than he does (I'm not knocking him; he's also a genius). Sometimes, I think to myself, if only he knew that my pessimistic prediction is going to come true (I know, negative). And let me say, I really am going to try to work on this.

If only I had a pessimistic friend....

And I do...Debbie Downer! Below, as a blog tribute to Debbie, I have placed a clip of one of her performances where she spreads her cheer at a birthday party. Somehow, Debbie makes me feel like I'm not really that pessimistic; even Debbie would be a total killjoy for me. So, here's to Debbie for bringing us back to a sobering reality that yes, the world really is coming to an end; it's bound to happen. ;)


csherrod said...

The Debbie Downer clip is so TRUE! I can be a DD as well! We can't ever allow each other to get as pessimistic as DD!

bethrock85 said...

I agree!

ChillwithWill said...

I think that, just like Debbie Downer, you always manage to crack yourself up in the middle of your whining. At least you have a sense of humor about it.