Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Meal Decor

Thanks to Linda (my coworker) giving me three happy meal toys and my boss giving me this useless but endearing set of highlighters (blue, pink and yellow) from a conference, this is what the back of my computer looks like. I have one of those all in one Dell desktops with, I might add, a fancy new motherboard (I'm a PC ;) ). I think it looks so much better decorated with these happy toys. Who wouldn't give a little chuckle when looking at the "hair" on my highlighters blowing in the wind?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I should know, I've written a book...

Someone said the statement that I have chosen for my blog title to me yesterday, "I should know, I've written a book." Yes...haven't we all written a book on something? And if not, well we COULD write a book on something. I could write an entire book on people that make statements like this one. Then we could have more jobs because we'd have to open more bookstores. Perhaps people would also learn proper grammar and sentence structure. See, this statement could solve all the worlds problems. Next time someone from the press asks Pres. Obama a question, "I should know, I've written a book," should be his answer. He could even make that statement plural (books, or memoirs).

I could have written a book in the time between now and my last post, but I didn't. Yes, we have had Christian holidays, pagan holidays, American holidays, an inauguration, parties (one in particular where memories are a bit fuzzy ;)), and funerals in between my last post and today. Aaaggh, big deal. Life goes on and more books are written; some good, most bad.