Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'll Walk the 8th Mile

I've gotten hooked on Pandora radio ( Free should check it out. With Pandora, you pick an artist you like and Pandora will play that artist and artists with similar musical content to see if you like them. Each artist choice makes up a new station. I have at least 10 stations on my Pandora right now. Because the music is free, I am not hesitant at all to select an artist that does not fit my normal, everyday musical selections. For example, I have a Kanye West station (yes, I think I will buy his new album :) and a N.E.R.D. station ("staring in the window!"). It's amazing how quickly my musical horizons have been expanded through this wonderful program. I even have it on my iPhone and can hook up to my car speakers for listening on the road.

Recently, I decided my usual rap stations were filled with a little too much adult content for that day. So I looked up KJ-52, a Christian hip-hop artist. I was immediately loving his stuff and then GRITS came on and I got hooked on them. I say all this only to point out that, upon first glance, most people might think I play classical violin, flute or band camp, of course. I am a Gap wearing, monochromatic, bookworm, the closest I get to rap is a Beck album, maybe I'll get her a John Mayer album for her birthday, wearing hot pink is edgy, almost the palest person I know kind of girl. Yes, pale is right. I bought some makeup at the Clinique counter and the lady gave me like 10 free samples of the palest shade of powder they have because she said she could never find anyone pale enought to wear it.
My desk at work is in an open reception area and I listen to my new music for a good portion of the day. Sometimes, I can't help it, I just have to bust out in a chant of my favorite lyric of the day. "Will you eva know, will you eva see, what he's done fa you, what he's done fa me!!!" "I'm on a love lockdown" and "all the ladies in the club say nananana". Okay, I made the last one up. I try to keep my occasional expression of self on the DL. I don't want anyone in the office to think I'm trying to quit my day job. Who am I fooling? If they started a RapStar idol, I'd definitely try out.


William said...

B-Rock...You have no idea how excited I am that you are into Kanye and N.E.R.D.!!! I too am ANXIOUSLY awaiting Kanye's new album ("808's and Heartbreak" which drops Nov 24th!!). I sing "Love Lockdown" anytime I have to drive to LA.

I would also recommend adding the following to your Pandora station: Q-Tip (just released a new socially conscious hip-hop album which I've been grooving to), also add Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings (which is soulful R&B that has an interesting 70's vibe).

Those are my recommendations since you're into discovering new music.

bethrock85 said...

Thanks! I'll be sure to give those a spin on my Pandora page!

csherrod said...

How do I get Pandora? Do I have to have an Iphone? I'm just getting used to my IPod!

I'm finally used the ITunes gift card you and Bruce gave me for my birthday!

I love you muchoooo! My B-Rocking' Bethy!

csherrod said...

Oh....I almost forgot! I LOVE the picture! :-)

csherrod said...

Okay....for the last hour, two, or three I've created three radio stations: Rascal Flats, Chicago, and now...GRITS! I don't think GRITS are for I'll have to try Will's recommendations....Q-Tip maybe?

I love this!!!!!